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Our History

The North American MGA Register (NAMGAR) was organized in July 1975 to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the MG marque. The objective of the Register is to further the preservation and enjoyment of the MGA which was manufactured between 1955 and 1962 and to promote the camaraderie of individuals owning these wonderful automobiles.

NAMGAR, founded by local Washington DC metropolitan area MG enthusiasts, also operated as the de facto club for the Capital Beltway area MGA owners. These founding members assumed duties as officers of the Register and as important, provided the behind-the-scenes support that helped make the Register successful. As NAMGAR grew and the leadership functions began to extend to members across the country, area MGA enthusiasts were once again able to focus on local activities and decided in April 1978 to form a regional chapter to be known as the Mid-Atlantic Chapter, also recognized as The Birthplace of NAMGAR.

Present for that first organization meeting were Jerry Fralick, Joan San, Pat & Joe Kane and Martha & Bill Ludtke. Other supporting members that were not able to attend that meeting included Carolyn & W.B Edge, John & Patricia Snead, Richard & Pat Newman, Mike & Maureen McCall, Ross Fischer, Ruth & Len Renkenberger, John Repass, Mac & Billie Spears, Margaret Cox, Warren Authur, Michelle & Ralph Cattaneo, Mary & Joe Schiavone, John & Linda Wright, Jeff & Terri Surdyk, and Beverly & Bill Larkin.

Officers elected were Jerry Fralick as Chapter Chairman, Martha Ludtke as Secretary/Treasurer, Joe & Pat Kane as Membership Chairman and Bill Ludtke as Technical Sessions Coordinator.

From our beginning, the Mid-Atlantic Chapter has followed the objectives of NAMGAR towards the preservation and enjoyment of the MGA which included an active roll in the early national GT events. As noted, during this time frame NAMGAR continued to serve DC area members as the local club and local members were very much involved with the operation of GT-1, held in Harpers Ferry, WV in July 1976. Five years later GT-6 found NAMGAR back in Harpers Ferry, this time organized in association with the now established Mid-Atlantic Chapter. The Mid-Atlantic Chapter also hosted GT-15 in Williamsburg, VA in 1990 and provided much of the legwork and support for the NAMGAR-hosted GT-25 held in Morgantown, WV in 2000.

The Mid-Atlantic Chapter continues to be active in the MGA community by hosting social events such as our Pub Nights, annual Chili Competition, the infamous ’Ool Party (no P in this Pool!) and Old Town fireworks viewing on the 4th as well as driving events with our Drives to Lunch and participation in local car shows. Our members continue to welcome and encourage those new to the MGA pastime by providing historical information, technical advice and sometimes good old fashion dirty-hands support. We are proud founding members of NAMGAR continue to claim the Mid-Atlantic Chapter as their home club.

We are also proud of the eclectic collection of MGAs owned by our members. From daily drivers to nicely restored vehicles, an original-owner Twin Cam to NAMGAR Premier Class winners, Project Cars of the Mid-Atlantic to historical Sebring restorations, with a few Altered As and vintage racers tossed in the mix as well. We welcome all MGA enthusiasts and their cars and our only standard for admission is a passion for the MGA!


MGA Mid-Atlantic Chapter

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