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NAMGAR in the Poconos

September 26-October 3, 2010

Our long-distance travels for the year continued with our trek to Pocono Manor in late September for the NAMGAR Regional GT in Pennsylvania.

Joining us on this adventure were Butch & Judy Smith, Jack & Sheila Stern, Bill & Karen Marshall, Larry Newman, Liz Ten Eyck with Betty Ann Johns and Charlie & Alana Adams. Meeting us at Pocono Manor were Lee & Liz Niner and new Chapter members Ben & Cyndi Nolan.

Our travel to Pocono Manor on Wednesday was uneventful as the weather was nice in advance of the forecasted heavy showers for Thursday. Wednesday evening, event organizers Bill & Carol Shamonsky were able to find an airplane hanger at the local airport able to house the 14 MGs not willing to suffer exposure to the 10 inches of rain that fell Thursday. Thursday became a day of relaxation as we had a hospitality suite to gather in for conversation and unexpectedly, games of dominos played by the ladies. We were able to take the lodge shuttle bus to a local micro brewery for lunch and were back on schedule for the evening with our planned dinner arrangements.

Our Thursday plans became our Friday plans and, once we retrieved our cars from the airport, we were on the road to the town of Jim Thorpe for a day of sightseeing. On the way back to Pocono Manor we were treated to what was for many the highlight of the week by stopping in at Pocono Raceway and running laps at speed on the famous NASCAR tri-oval track. Saturday we took a long caravan drive though beautiful Pennsylvania countryside to the Dorflinger Glass Museum, with the factory grounds now the site of a wildlife sanctuary.

The plans had been to have a rolling car show at each of our events with the general public voting on the cars as we enjoyed our sightseeing. The rains on Thursday led to a number of our stops being canceled and thus our Awards Banquet Saturday evening was limited to just a few awards being handed out. Our fellow NAMGAR travelers Bruce and Roberta Rauch from Florida were awarded the Long Distance Award and Lee and Liz Niner were “posthumously” awarded the Hard Luck Award as they had to leave early Friday to attend to the water concerns at home from Thursday’s floods.

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