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2010 'Ool Party

August 28, 2010

Our annual ‘Ool Party, held at the home of Liz Ten Eyck, was an opportunity to cool off by a dip in the pool, drive your MGA, enjoy some good food, and socialize with club members.

The day was well attended by approximately 25 members and guests, with some first-time attendees such as John Padgett, Matt Kutz, and Jack & Sheila Stern getting to see the pool without any “P” for the first time. Matt’s MGA is still “under restoration” so he arrived in his beautiful Triumph TR-3.

The day started with a drive through the back roads of Great Falls while admiring mega mansions, quaint homes, landscaping and natural areas along the way. We even got to enjoy the local wildlife by spotting a fox and deer during the drive.

Back poolside, attendees were supplied with appetizers to nibble on and the coolers were well stocked with appropriate beverages to quench our thirsts. Courtesy of our Chapter members, lunch included a host of delectable goodies and Liz’s first attempt at cooking pork ribs and smoking a beef brisket. There may even have been a few barbecue-stained T shirts in the crowd. The assortment of desserts were delicious, particularly the chocolate éclairs made for the party by Keith Kallapos’s son. .

Charlie & Alana Adams displayed their determination by showing up even after they had to have their MGA, whose Pertronix died on their way to the party, towed home. Carl & Jean Josefson also made a heroic effort to attend in their MGA as they first journeyed to Upperville to retrieve their A from the repair shop.

All in all we had a good turnout of cars and members. It must have been a sane and successful day since no one was thrown in the pool.

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