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Hunt Country Classic

October 10, 2010

The weather was splendid for the 15th Annual Hunt Country Classic British Car Show held October 10th at Willoughby Farm in Marshall, Va. The cool fall nip in the morning air gave way to pleasant temperatures in the 70s as we reached the show field and began to stage our cars. We did manage to sneak in a small caravan to the show with Bill Marshall leading the MGAs of Charlie Adams and Ken Lawrence. Of course, with the small group we didn't miss any turns, unlike last year when our rather large group required numerous U-turns to find our way.

Already at the field were Liz Ten Eyck and Kelsey Kallapos for their early morning shifts as volunteer parking coordinators. Joint Mid-Atlantic and MGCC members Chris & Cheryl Kintner, Ruth Arnold and Doug & Kay Campbell were also serving in their roles for the MGCC that help make this show such as success each year.

While we have long-claimed Hunt Country as our "home" car show of the season, this year this was indeed the case as all MGAs on the show field were members of our Mid-Atlantic Chapter. Joining the line up of Liz, Bill, Chris, Charlie and Ken were Butch Smith, Larry Newman, Jack & Shelia Stern, and a fashionably late Bruce & Jane Zivic in their Twin Cam. Showing in other classes were Bill & Kathy Wemhoff with their TR6, Kelsey with her MGB, Ruthie with her MGB GT “Brigitte,” Doug & Kay with their Magnette “Winston” and Bob Schoeplein with his freshly on-the-road MG TD "Waldo." Tom Ford also came out for support, but with recent ankle surgery, unable to work all the pedals in his MGA. Michael & Lisa Eaton made the show a family event with Jonathan, Robert and David enjoying the field of cars.

With the record number of MGAs at last years show, our section of the show field was expanded in anticipation of another large group of cars. For unknown reasons, the total car count for the show was down overall this year so our MGAs were a bit spread out to fill our “turf”. This put Chris, Larry and Ken at a slight disadvantage as voters often made their choices before finding the other grouping of MGAs. Guaranteed a Mid-Atlantic Chapter sweep, the results were Liz Ten Eyck awarded first place, Butch Smith second – coming off his second place finish in the 1600 class at GT-35 and Bill Marshall gathering the third place award. Doug & Kay Campbell were awarded second place with Winston in the Open Class – Sedan category.

While the cars are in the spotlight for the day, Hunt Country remains about the people. It is always a pleasure to spend time with our fellow Chapter members, our friends showing other marques and chatting with spectators who come to visit and perhaps ponder if a vintage British car is in their future. Not surprising, many who stopped to talk had owned an MGA at some point in their lives. Hunt Country is also about those that volunteered their time to work the various parking stations, help set up the show field, work the registration desk and regalia stand or any number of other activities that must blend to make the show successful for both participants and spectators. A “job well done” goes out to all those that volunteered their time to contribute to our British car hobby.

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