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Abingdon New Year

December 31, 2008

Wow! What a party! We certainly had a great time bringing in the New Year with the Queen at the home of our host and hostess, Bill and Karen Marshall.

England is five hours ahead of our time zone, and the ball dropped in Abingdon (home of the factory where our MGAs were built) at 7 pm our time! With the help of BBC, we all watched the fire works celebration over Big Ben, wearing gala headdress and making our own share of party noise. We celebrated the coming of the New Year and still were on their way home before midnight, tucked safely in bed before the crazies hit the roadways. What a fantastic way to bring in the New Year, with our MGA friends. A large gathering of 22 club members experienced the evening and a food extravaganza of everything from shrimp and meatballs to very special holiday desserts. All were beautifully displayed in the Marshall’s festively decorated house.

An extra surprise of the evening was when we learned that Santa (Larry Newman) had recently visited Kelsey Kallapos and put a MGA rolling chassis with engine, etc. with no corpus delicti under her tree. Kelsey thanked Larry at the party by reading her “thank you” letter to him. Kelsey was also ready with her money to pay dues and become a new NAMGAR Mid-Atlantic Chapter member. Our President, Bill Marshall, then gave Kelsey another Christmas present by telling her that we were excited to have her as a new member and she didn’t have to pay dues until she was 18. Kelsey became interested in MGAs after helping her dad restore his car. Kelsey explained that her goal is to have her car restored before she graduates from high school.

As you can see those that didn’t attend missed a great party. Thank you, Bill and Karen, for a very special night.

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