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May Drive to Lunch

May 17, 2008

Our first "Drive to Lunch" of the season was held Saturday, May 17th. The chilly, lightjacket morning warmed to a spectacular Spring day, perfect for enjoying our MGAs as we ventured across the river to try new roads and new scenery on the Maryland side of the Potomac.

Organized by an Amy Rothberg determined to take us out of our comfort zone of heading north and west of Fairfax for our drives, the Virginia group met in Arlington with Amy joined by Keith Kallapos as her riding partner. Filling out our group were Bill & Karen Marshall, Liz Ten Eyck, Tom & MJ Parisi and Steve & Nancy Woodall, all arriving in their MGAs. We left Arlington with a planned route through Washington DC, getting a good look at a number of the memorials and taking us past the new Nationals baseball stadium enroute to collect Larry Newman as we entered into Maryland on Marlboro Pike.

With our convoy fully formed, we headed towards our lunch destination at Denny’s Bar- B-Q in Clinton Maryland while traveling a wonderful collection of back country roads in Prince Georges County. With Keith as navigator it is not surprising we somehow meandered towards Andrews Air Force Base where unbeknownst to us Amy had arranged a special treat by having the Blue Angles and others perform an air show overhead as we traveled the roads below.

With the winds a bit breezy aloft, one had to read quickly what the skywriters were scripting across the sky, but their puffs of smoke appeared to say “Welcome MGAers” or something to that affect before being lost forever to the winds. In a rare moment of modesty, Amy downplayed her role in having the Blue Angles perform for us when we arrived at Denny’s for lunch.

Now Denny’s is the type of barbecue joint that one may be tempted to drive past when seen from the outside — let’s just say the building has lost some of its glamour. But once seated in front of a plate of Denny’s best pulled barbecue, mouthwatering became the appropriate description.

With lunch fully enjoyed we were on the road again towards our next destination of Piscataway Park and the Accokeek Foundation’s Colonial Farm. Located directly across the Potomac River from Mount Vernon, the Accokeek Foundation preserves 200 acres with a working farm that depicts life on a family farm on the eve of the American Revolution. The Park and Farm also serve to maintain the view as seen from the Mount Vernon side so visitors have an understanding of George Washington’s choice of location for his home and estate.

With our tour complete, we reformed our caravan and headed home. This was a very enjoyable "Drive to Lunch," and we thank Amy for putting together such a wonderful event.

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