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Hunt Country Classic Car Show

October 12, 2008

The MG Car Club Washington D.C. Centre hosted its 13th annual British car show on Sunday, October 12th. This has long been considered our “home” car show of the season with most of the MGAs on display being members of our Mid-Atlantic Chapter. This year was a bit of an exception with 17 MGAs making the field, the largest turnout of MGAs in memory.

We took advantage of the drive to the show by forming a small caravan leaving Manassas with Bill Marshall leading the MGAs of Ken & Joyce Lawrence and Keith Kallopos with John Padgett riding shotgun, on a scenic route to the show. This route took us through Haymarket, The Plains and Marshall on our way to Willoughby Farm. Once there, we were joined by fellow Chapter members Tom Ford showing in the MGA class, Bob Schoeplein in the Race Car class and Bruce Zivic, his twin-cam undergoing an engine rebuild, and Ruth Arnold showing in their respective MGB classes. Doug and Kay Campbell were manning the Regalia tent for the MG Car Club and were unable to show their Magnette this year.

Our very own Butch Smith was to display in the Prince of Wales division as last year’s top MGA, but despite the proximity to Halloween, Butch did not feel like a repeat winner this year with his grill out of the toothless car for new chrome plating. No sense of humor, this guy.

Third place went to Bob Samuelson of Maryland, second to John Casey of Jeffersonton, VA and … drum roll please … first place to our own Liz Ten Eyck. Bob Schoeplein captured second place in the race car class with his 1960 MGA “Honeybee.”

All in all this was a very good event and it was great to see so many new MGAs showing up at these shows. We hope we were able to entice a few to join both our Chapter and NAMGAR as well.

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