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2007 'Ool Party

August 11, 2007

We had a change in venue for our Chapter's annual 'Ool Party, but not a change in the spirit of the event. Long hosted by Bill & Liz Ten Eyck at their home in Great Falls, we moved across the county to the home of Steve & Nancy Woodall in Fairfax Station so as not to impose on the Ten Eyck's while Bill continues to convalesce at home. The Ten Eyck's tradition of the 'Ool Party continued in that there was to be no P in the 'ool for the duration of this event!

After a week of HOT temperatures and OPPRESSIVE humidity, we were greeted with a wonderful mid-80's day with little or no humidity that allowed us to enjoy the pool and lounging facilities at the Woodall's. At every Chapter event, you can be sure the attendees are well supplied with appetizers to nibble on courtesy of our Chapter members and the coolers were well stocked with appropriate beverages to quench our thirsts by the Woodall's. Steve & Nancy were spared the burden of slaving over a hot grill while others soaked in both sun and water as Nancy had earlier made the decision to utilize a local sandwich shop for their chicken wings and submarine sandwich offerings. This ensured no mustard stains on the front of Butch's T shirt this year, but perhaps did lead to some barbeque-encrusted steering wheels as Steve corralled us for a drive through the countryside moments after the wings arrived!

While the women stayed close to the pool, Steve lead the way is his TC (yes — we enjoy all MGs) escorting the MGA caravan of Bill Wemhoff, Butch Smith, Dick Farwell and Bill Marshall with Keith "my MGA is still in a thousand pieces" Kallapos taking over the driving duties of Bill's A for a tour of the MG-perfect back roads of Fairfax Station. We meandered our way through the winding roads to the historic town of Clifton as they celebrated Clifton Day, giving those attending that event a good look at our cars as we slowly cruised past the crowds before making our way back to the Woodall's and our awaiting lunch.

After lunch, we took a moment to pass on Bill & Liz's regrets that they were not able to host or attend this year and noted they are very grateful for all the cards and prayers sent Bill's way. At least one in attendance pondered if the change in venue was to avoid a repeat of the mysterious P that floated in the Ten Eyck's pool at last year's event.

We continued to view the progress being made on Steve's new Taj-Garage and Nancy showed us landscaping plans with many octagons incorporated in the design. We look forward to Steve & Nancy hosting the Chapter for a Pub Night when the garage and landscaping projects are completed. As noted in a previous Distributor, neither a new zip code nor new area code has been issued by local authorities despite the size of the new garage.

The 'Ool Party has long been one of our most popular and well attended Drive & Social Events and this year was no exception. The Chapter was well represented by members from the Farwells, Kings, Kallapos - who sported an MGA grille on their minivan — the Lawrences, Marshalls, Rothbergs, Smiths, Wemhoffs, our gracious hosts Steve & Nancy Woodall and we were very pleased to have Bill & Martha Ludtke able to join us, making the drive from Winchester, Va., to attend.

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2007 'Ool Party