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2007 Chili Party

March 31, 2007

If you missed this year's Chili Party, you missed a great event. Bill and Kathy Wemhoff once again opened their beautiful home to the club and hosted the Chili Party. They were definitely the host and hostess with the "mostest," ensuring that the large group attending enjoyed the food and games

Butch and Judy Smith's chili was voted the best, followed by Carl and Jean Josefson, and Bill and Karen Marshall. Bill Ludtke identified the most parts in the Car Part Box, followed by Keith Kallapos and Butch Smith.

A special thanks goes to John Padgett for making the club a beautiful new parts box in the shape of the MG octagon. Kathy Kallapos was the Kitchen Queen by identifying the most items in the Kitchen Box, followed by Jean Josefson and Karen Marshall.

The "Collage of MG and Car-related Trivia Questions" stumped many, but Terry King came out on top, with Keith and Kathy Kallapos and Karen and Bill Marshall also displaying a great knowledge of trivia. Jean Josefson won the car-related word puzzle from a drawing of all the eager participants. All winners received great prizes for their efforts.

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2007 Chili Party