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2006 Drive to Bill & Martha Ludtkes'

August 26, 2006

The "Drive to Lunch" for August was a return trip to Winchester, Va., to visit with Bill & Martha Ludtke at home. The drive group met at the Aldie Mill and consisted of the MGAs of Bill & Karen Marshall, Butch & Judy Smith and Liz Ten Eyck in her Gatlinburg-acquired 1600 Mark II, followed by Bob Schoeplin in his MGB and Ken & Joyce Lawrence enjoying the comforts of their American sedan - carrying the thoughts of their TC, TD and MGA resting comfortably back home in their garage. The weather was as perfect as August in the D.C. area can be and we enjoyed a meandering drive on back roads to Winchester. Leaving Aldie, we traveled St. Louis Road to the infamous Snickersville Turnpike to Route 7 and then returning to Route 50 via the built-for-MG Blue Ridge Mountain Road. Millwood Road led us up to Route 340 and onto Senseny Road to Bill & Martha's home where we were joined by Warren Arthur in his 1957 1500.

After a fine barbecue lunch and some peach cobbler with ice cream and watermelon for dessert, a chorus of Happy Birthday was sung for Judy - who was celebrating her 39th birthday - again. A tour of Bill's basement shop to view the progress of his MGA Coupe lead to an impromptu tech session as Bill provided technical advice for the ongoing adjustment saga of Bill Marshall's 1500 drum brakes and directed a well-tuned ear to Liz Ten Eyck's noisy generator. Those problems properly diagnosed and with brakes readjusted for the trip home we said our good-byes and left Bill & Martha to recover from the MG invasion - with hopes we will be invited back again soon.

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2006 Drive to Ludtkes'