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Here are albums of photos of our members and their cars.

CLICK ON NAMES or PHOTOS to see all the photos in each album. Once you have an album open, click on any of the photos to enable slideshow and eCard functions. (You can send an email "postcard" of any photo in our gallery.) If there are more than five photos in the album, click on the page numbers at the bottom to see more.

Members: We want your photos! We'd like to have a photo of every car in the club in the gallery. Just email them to the webmaster and we'll post them. Make sure to include the year, model, color and any other interesting information about the car (or you!)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Table of contents

General FAQ

Navigating the Gallery


General FAQ

Question: Why do I need to register?
Answer: Registration may or may not be required by the administrator. Registration gives a member additional features such as uploading, having a favorite list, rating pictures and posting comments etc.
Question: How do I register?
Answer: Go to "Register" and fill out the required fields (and the optional ones if you want to).
If the Administrator has Email Activation enabled, then after submitting your information you should recieve an email message at the address that you have submitted while registering, giving you instructions on how to activate your membership. Your membership must be activated in order for you to login.
Question: How do I login?
Answer: You must be a registered user of the gallery (and a Mid-Atlantic Chapter member) in order to log in and upload photos to your album.

To get registered, send an email to You must provide your name (to check against the Chapter roster) and a valid email address.

Once the webmaster registers you, you will get an email verifying your registration. This makes sure that only members of the Chapter are able to upload photos.

Once you are registered: Go to "Login", submit your username and password and check "Remember Me" so you will be logged in on the site if you should leave it.

IMPORTANT: Cookies must be enabled and the cookie from this site must not be deleted in order to use "Remember Me".
Question: Why can I not login?
Answer: Did you register with the webmaster? (See question above) For other login problems contact the webmaster.
Question: What if I forgot my password?
Answer: Use the "I Forgot My Password" link in the Login window. Or contact the webmaster. for a new password.
Question: How do I upload a file?
Answer: Go to "Upload file"and choose the photo(s) you want to upload from your computer. You may upload as many as five at a time.

Click "Continue" at the bottom of the window.

When the photo(s) have uploaded, click "Continue" again.

Then choose an album from the menu of choices. Add a title and description if you want, and fill in the year, model and color of car if you wish. Click "Continue" again to finish the process.

Email the webmaster if you need help.
Question: Where do I upload a picture to?
Answer: You may upload a file to any of the albums in the "Album List." You will have a menu of choices after you upload your photo(s).

NOTE: You may only upload photos to an existing album. To have a new album created, just ask the webmaster.
Question: What type and size of a file can I upload?
Answer: You may upload just about any kind of image file. Large files will be automatically reduced to fit the album. Email the webmaster if you have questions.
Question: What are cookies?
Answer: Cookies are a plain text piece of data that is sent from a website and is put on to your computer.
Cookies usually allow a user to leave and return to the site without having to login again and other various chores.

Navigating the Gallery

Question: What's "Album List"?
Answer: This takes you back to the opening page of the Club Photo Gallery, which shows the list of all the albums, with one photo from each album. Click on the name of the album or on the photo to open the album.

Once you open an album, you will see the first five photos. If there are more photos, you can page to them using the page numbers at the bottom right of the album.

NOTE: Click on any photo in an album to see a slideshow of the entire album. You may also email a eCard of the photo from that window.
Question: What's "Upload File"?
Answer: This feature allows a user to upload a photo. See instructions above.
Question: What's "Search"?
Answer: This feature allows you to look at photos sorted by keywords, such as car year, model and color. So you can call up all the photos we have of MGA 1500s, or all the photos of cars that are Old English White, for example. Or all the cars that are both 1500s and Old English White!

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