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2007 Middleburg Christmas Parade

December 21, 2007

Our "Drive to Lunch" for December was once again with our friends at the MG Car Club of DC. Each year, the MGCC participates in the Middleburg Christmas Parade and this year parade spectators were entertained by 13 MGs fully dressed in holiday decoration.

As can be expected in the Hunt Country of Virginia, the event begins with a ceremonial Horse & Hounds parade with riders in full hunting regalia in the morning to start off the day. Many of Middleburg's quaint shops are open and volunteer organizations set up fundraising booths to serve coffee, hot chocolate and tasty treats to the parade spectators who begin to line up for the 3 pm start as early as 1 pm.

Thanks to the able planning of event coordinators Jim & Jane Byers of the MGCC, we had lunch reservations at the Coach Stop Restaurant and enjoyed great conversation with our fellow MG enthusiasts.

We are required to be in our staging area at the American Legion Hall by 2 pm as the main streets of Middleburg are closed to traffic at that time. Arriving in MGAs were Bill & Karen Marshall and Bill & Kathy Wemhoff, doubling the number of MGAs in the event from last year. Ruth Arnold, with Brigitte now running smoothly and eager to participate and Bob & Jane Schoeplein in Jane's MGB rounded out our Mid-Atlantic Chapter members.

This is a fun event with time spent in the staging area lasting far longer than the parade itself! This time allows each to decorate their MG in proper holiday fashion, ranging from simple wreaths on the grille to bundles of nicely wrapped packages on luggage racks. Top-down driving in December can be quite invigorating and Santa hats are fashion du jour! Once on the parade route, our contingent of MGTDs, MGAs, MGBs and a lone (but warm) Magnette were cheered and applauded by the hundreds of spectators as we claimed our 15 minutes of fame traveling the 6 blocks of Washington Street to the parade's end.

This is a truly enjoyable event and provides a wonderful start to the holiday season. Post a reminder note on your calendar for the first Saturday in December 2008 and make plans to join us next year.

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